So, a while ago, I was able to use the ‘Traffic BlackBook’ by Chad Hamzeh. I used the original version, not the 2.0 that is currently out, though from what I understand there isn’t a large difference, just some more updated information.

Anyway, Traffic BlackBook is a system developed by Hamzeh that goes through the entire process of PPC, CPA, and basically any other form of paid traffic and advertising that you could ever think of.

In short, it will teach you how to land yourself some lucrative deals as a CPA advertiser, which you will then put on a short landing page style site, use PPC to get some eyes on it, and profit from the traffic.

There are some great resources available to you in the product, however it comes with a pretty hefty price tag for teaching you how to spend money ($197 to get the product).

You will get immediate access to a large set of videos and PDFs that you can use to learn just about anything you could ever want to learn about paid advertising. Don’t walk into this product thinking you will come out as some SEO expert or content writing guru from the information contained in there. It’s just not designed for that type of thing.

Each one of the videos was basically set up as an over the shoulder webinar type video. They were super easy to follow, and included a PDF below it that was a word for word what was included in the video along with some screen shots. You could easily print off all of the information in a video and follow along by highlighting and writing notes on what you want to know.

Also, another nifty thing he did was walk you through exact campaigns of his. Literally, from start to finish, the exact steps that he took to get some good campaigns going, so you could easily replicate all of the information in there if you wanted. He also took the time to do some practice campaigns for you as well.

There is a beginner course included, called Profit 101. It explained some of the lingo and terminology pretty well. If you have never worked with PPC and CPA before, it’s a really good idea to take the profit 101 course and learn about some of the information you will be coming across. Content marketing is really where it is at.

The biggest problem with this course is, you really can only take place if you have got some serious money to burn before you start seeing a return on an investment. I would say that you are going to spend at least $500 on ads, after you spend the $200 on the course, before you really start seeing some great returns.

Another issue is, you learn nothing about free traffic sources. The entire course is solely for those who are going to be doing some paid advertisement. You wont really learn about blogging, content, SEO, none of it. So if you are looking for a way to get some great in depth information on inbound marketing as well as information on paid advertisements, this isn’t really the way to go for you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad course. It’s great for those who want to do nothing but paid advertisements and get big returns that way. However, that is only going to be a select market, and will really only work for those who are starting out with a pretty hefty pocketbook anyway.