Kids Oral Hygiene

It is crucial you get your kids to the dentist as soon as possible, so both they and you know what they have to do in today’s world of keeping kids teeth and gums healthy. Its all about forming the right habits and setting the kids up to succeed as early as possible. This means getting your baby’s teeth cared for as milk teeth need to be healthy so the next set, the real teeth have a better chance of being strong and healthy. We all know the basics, clean your teeth twice a day, in the morning and before … Continue reading Kids Oral Hygiene

Our Teeth (guide to healthy teeth)

Why do we have teeth? They do different jobs, when you are eating they cut up and chew the food you eat. When you talk and make noises, they assist in those noises.  And very importantly they shape your face, your facial shape is altered without teeth. Teeth are so important and need to be healthy teeth. Our teeth come in four different types; Our Canine teeth are next to the Incisor teeth and tear the food while holding it. Incisor teeth cut up the food and are in front of your mouth and are sharp for that job. At … Continue reading Our Teeth (guide to healthy teeth)