Christmas memories – broken glass :-(

As its Christmas when I write this, I remember a few Christmas’s ago, we had family round and were cooking turkey and everyone was behaving themselves. All was calm, people were drinking, watching television and enjoying each others company. It was a lovely scene and we even had snow outside. Which was to become our issues.

While in the kitchen, looking out the window, admiring the lovely snow scene, we heard a crash and saw a branch from the old tree fall down with the weight of the snow and smash through our kitchen ceiling, which is made of beautiful glass windows for light. Having that much glass is great for light and an airy feeling but now we had a glazing emergency.

The branch had broken 2 panes of glass and were quite high up as we have high ceilings. There was broken glass all over the floor and our first job was to calm everyone down and then deal with the emergency. While we were thinking what to do next, the beautiful snow scene began coming into the kitchen through the broken windows. So we had to act quickly.

My good friend John, got the ladder and started to plug the gaps in the windows to stop the weather coming in as a temporary measure, which would help but was not going to hold it for too long. I thought who we had as our local glazier and would they come out on Christmas day and how much would it cost and will the house insurance cover it….

Anyway, it had to be fixed so I googled for local emergency glazier and found 3, I called the first one, who has a nice web site and they said they wee 24/7 glaziers, so this was the test, were they really. And bingo! they answered and came out in 40 minutes on Christmas Day, which was fantastic. I am so impressed to find a glazier on Christmas day, it was wonderful and a big relief.

The glaziers arrived and just took over, cleaned up with us and started fixing the issue, he did not have the right glass for our window, as it was a special kind and size, so he boarded it up in a very clever way to not damage the window frame. A great emergency arrival from the glaziers.

We fed him a few mince pies to help him through the day.

He cleared up and said he would be back on boxing day, which he was and fitted the new panes and did not charge me the earth.

What a great service from a lovely local glazing company, who we have used again for some other windows.

So that was my Christmas memory, which could have gone badly wrong, but kid of made our Christmas a bit more interesting, thanks to our local glazier and his commitment to help.

Happy Christmas everyone…

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